Advantages of a Local Estate Agent in Daventry

Advantages of a Local Estate Agent in Daventr

When it comes to selling your home in Daventry, you may be wondering whether to go with a local estate agent or a larger operation. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of choosing a local, independent estate agent like David Bruckert from Skilton & Hogg over a big company. Here are the Advantages of a Local Estate Agent in Daventry.

Personalised Service

Advantages of a Local Estate Agent in Daventry
Skilton and Hogg Estate Agents

Choosing a local estate agent means getting a service that’s tailored just for you. They spend time understanding both you and your property. This approach is all about meeting your specific needs. A local agent, such as David Bruckert from Skilton & Hogg, knows that each home and homeowner is unique. They offer advice and support that’s right for your situation. This makes the selling journey less stressful. You’re not just another client to them; your success is their priority. They’ll guide you at every step, making sure you feel supported. This personal touch is what sets local agents apart.

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In-depth Local Market Knowledge

Local estate agents, like David Bruckert from Skilton & Hogg, truly understand the Daventry housing market. They spend every day working within the local area. This means they know which parts of Daventry are most sought after by buyers. They’re up-to-date on how much homes are selling for. This helps you set a competitive price for your home. These agents also know about schools, shops, and transport links. This info can attract the right buyers to your home. Their knowledge makes sure your home is marketed well. It also helps in making informed decisions during the sale process. Using their insights can give you an edge in a competitive market.

Flexible and Available

Local estate agents have a big advantage when it comes to flexibility and availability. They work close by, so they can easily meet you at times that fit your schedule. This makes the whole process of selling your home smoother. They can react quickly to any changes or updates. If you need to see them or talk about your sale, they can often do so at short notice. This level of service is harder to find with larger operations. Local agents, like those at Skilton & Hogg, are keen to work around your life. They understand that selling your home can be stressful. Being available and flexible is one way they help reduce that stress. This approach ensures that your needs are always put first.

Strong Local Networks

Local estate agents in Daventry have great connections. They know people who can help sell your home. This includes local workers, photographers, and others. These connections can make a big difference in getting your home sold. They ensure your property looks its best to buyers. Having access to these local networks is a big plus.


Hiring a local estate agent can save you money. They often charge less than big companies. This is because they have fewer overheads and want to offer good value to win your business. They are also more open to discussing their fees. This can lead to a better deal for you. Their knowledge of the Daventry market can help sell your home faster. This quick sale can reduce costs, like council tax and utility bills, on an empty house. So, choosing a local agent can be a smart financial decision.

Support Local Business

Picking a local estate agent in Daventry also means you’re backing a small, independent business. This choice helps our local economy grow. When you use local services, it boosts community well-being. It’s a way to show you care about Daventry. Local agents work hard for good service. Their business name is on the line. They thrive on their reputation. This drives them to do well for you and the community. Supporting them helps keep Daventry vibrant and strong.

Advantages of a Local Estate Agent in Daventry

David Bruckert Skilton & Hogg Estate Agents
David Bruckert from Skilton & Hogg Estate Agents Daventry & Rugby

We firmly believe, that our model of Estate Agency is by far the best chance for you to make the most of your selling experience. Below are a few pointers as to why you should consider a smaller, independent agent and the Advantages of a Local Estate Agent in Daventry –

Smaller Agent, Bigger Results, Better Service

  1. Fully Independent and self employed. This means I (David) only earn anything if your home sells and exchanges contracts. No salary. So the motivation and support to help you sell stays at the same level from day 1 to the end of the process.
  2. One to one service. I will handle every aspect of your journey personally. Meaning a greater control, knowledge and understanding of the process. So nothing gets losts or missed.
  3. Lower stock holding. Whilst you home woud be marketed across all major websites and social channels. Your are not competing for time with 40 or 50 other propertys on an agents books. Therefore you remain a priority at all times and I can give you the time and attention you deserve.
  4. No Lavish overheads. All of our focus is put onto the successful marketing and sale of your home. There are no other staff salaries, fancy cars or extravagancies. Therefore we can offer an extraordinary service for a very fair fee.
  5. Flexible working hours – there is no closing time for us as such. I will take calls and answer emails at all time of the day. We will conduct viewings out of hours and across 7 days of the week. You will always be able to contact us.
  6. Still on the High Street. We do have an office, where you home will be seen. Where you can visit us and where buyers can come in and discuss matters, complete paperwork or just have a coffee to catch up.
  7. Fully insured and regulated. Skilton & Hogg are members of Propertymark. We are registered with HMRC and the ICO. We are full members of The Property Ombudsman.

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