Selling My Home in Rugby

Selling a home in Rugby

Selling my Home in Rugby – a very common question but how to go about it? It is usually the biggest and most worrisome transaction one can undertake. It is likely to be your biggest asset. The process involved and can be seen as complicated. Where do you start?!

The Benefits of using Local Expertise

Firstly, you need to employ an Estate Agent. There are a few different types to choose from. You should always choose local and independent Estate Agents. Why? Because they know the market. They have the contacts available to be able to create the best outcome for you. They have likely lived in and grown up in the town and they know the patch.

The knowledge of a local agent will enable you and them to place your home, it’s value and it’s benefits in front of the right people.

Local Connections When Selling Your Home In Rugby

When Selling your home Rugby, consider the local connections that the Estate Agent may have. Generally, a local agent will know the local Solicitors, Trades people, Surveyors and anyone else that could be involved in the sale of a home. This leads to better communication and assistance when traversing the sale process. It can certainly make it easier to get things done quickly and resolve any issue.

Marketing Strategies To Sell Homes In Rugby

When considering an Estate Agents to help you sell your home in Rugby, look at how they advertise homes and what marketing strategies they put in place. More so now, a good Estate Agent needs to have a varied approach consisting of traditional methods partnered by modern digital platforms.

What Efforts Are Being Made

Ensure you look at the agents pictures and presentation of recently marketed homes. Remember – the effort made on one thing is quite often an overview of the effort made on everything. If an agent can’t take a level picture or bother to open a curtain, will they really make an effort in the negotiation of an offer for you??

Ready To Sell Your Home In Rugby?

Ready to sell you Home in Rugby? Call Skilton & Hogg Estate Agents. David Bruckert would be delighted to meet with you and discuss further. Our model of service is different to other agents. We are self employed, we only get paid if you sell. Our hours are more flexible and our support for you is second to none.

Free Property Valuation

Contact Skilton & Hogg Estate Agents Rugby on 01788 486100 or 07738 803948. Email to book your FREE Valuation and Market Appraisal.

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