Selling your Home in Winter – Good Idea?

Selling your Home in Winter

Selling your Home in Winter

One of the most common questions an Estate Agent hears is “when is a good time to sell?”. Particularly when we enter the winter season. So it poses the question – Is selling your home in Winter a good idea?

To answer this we have to first look at the general buying patterns in a typical market place over a typical year. Generalising a touch (as some properties in certain location sell regardless of time of year). Year in year, most sales happen in the summer months. From May through to August is the peak period, weather is better, motivation to hit certain timeframes like new school year are at the top of the list. Also, holidays play a part, as people want time to settle in, make changes etc.

Yearly Patterns

Before the internet and particularly the likes of Rightmove or Zoopla, The markets were very seasonal. Getting out and about to view houses, or getting a house ready to market seemed to be a higher priority in the Spring and Summer months. You had to scour the local paper, but to really find the dream house, you normally had to set aside days and days to drive around and spot For Sale Boards. But, with technology and the accessibility to homes online through virtual and video tours, simply by pressing a button, buyers now list there favourites in the comfort of their own living room.

So now you access homes 24/7. Meaning the only travel you do is to view. Not many people visit agents offices now also. Due to this, we have seen demand level out somewhat meaning house sales do happen all year round. Therefore, selling your Home in Winter becomes a definite possibility.

Pros & Cons of selling in Winter

I have listed a few positives and negatives to give an unbiased view of Selling in Winter.


  • Fewer properties for Sale – Less competition.
  • More motivated buyers look in Winter.
  • Reduced number of Window Shoppers.
  • Chances of stronger offers.
  • Greater market visibility.
  • Winter scenic settings, warm homes, open fires can help sell you home.
  • More online activity due to inclement weather.
  • Can positively emphasise energy performance and efficiency.


  • Some buyers equate Winter marketing to lower values.
  • Bad weather can turn some off. Snow for instance.
  • Cost of keeping your home warm or staging.
  • Balancing Christmas pressures with buying a new home can be stressful for buyers.
  • Less buyers in the market.
  • Night time viewings.

Tips for selling in Winter

So, you have decided to sell your Home in the Winter period. Good for you! Here are some tips on how to make it that little bit easier.

Shoe Covers –

The Weather is likely to rotten. Either have a place that visitors can take their shoes off or provide shoe covers. Some people are a bit funny about showing the tootsies!

A warm & inviting home –

Winter brings with it frost, maybe snow if we are lucky. Make your home warm and inviting so the buyer experience how it would feel coming in out of the cold if they lived there. Some blankets or throws on the furniture. An fire lit (if you have one). Nice lighting making the right areas cosy and inviting. Don’t worry about Christmas decorations, just make them tasteful and match the theme of your home.

Odours –

You might be in the midst of some festive cooking or have pets. Homes are not as well aired in the winter months so make sure you keep on top of any freshening up.

Light –

If you can, avoid doing viewings in the evenings. It is difficult for buyers to see the true version of your home in lower light. Any natural light is a big bonus. However, people work and evenings are usually a convenient time to view. So use brighter, white light bulbs in rooms of interest, like the kitchen. More cosy, warmer lighting in the areas you relax. Also, wash your windows. it’ll make your home brighter in the daylight!

Curb Appeal –

With more rain, frost or snow, comes contaminants and dirt. When selling your Home in Winter, make sure your windows are clean, your front door is wiped down and get rid of those old flowers or plants from the front garden. Check your guttering to ensure there are no blockages or overflow.

Snow –

The arch nemesis of the house Seller! Puts people off Driving and walking in it. Snow can make your home look beautiful but you have to put some effort in. You must clear the drive and in addition, grit any pathways and ensure your guests can get to your front door!

What do we think?

Having worked in the industry for some 20 years, I have formed an opinion that now, there really isn’t a bad time to sell your home. Yes, there are fewer buyers but as a result of this, you have more motivated/genuine buyers looking. The chances of finding a real buyer go up. There is also less choice of property on the market therefore you have a bigger buying audience. The time of year, subject to viewings taking place at the right times, can accentuate the beauty of your home. All in all, it could actually help the value of your home.

One thing to consider though, and this rule is the same for any property going to the market at any point of the year. Price your home properly. Do not test or push the market. We are not in a bad market as of today (8/11/23), rates are stable, buyers are looking. But ask too much and the buyers will swerve by you and onto the next. In Daventry and Rugby, across all agents, a huge number of homes have been in the market for 3 months or more – this shouldn’t be! Speak to a qualified agent, look at the evidence and facts to hand, price correctly and you might find that you still get a very good price for your home, even multiple offers!

Author – David Bruckert, Skilton & Hogg Estate Agents Daventry & Rugby.

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