Should I change Estate Agents in Daventry?

Daventry Property: Making Informed Decisions

Quite a common question – Should I change Estate Agents in Daventry? One that is raised often by sellers, particularly in a tougher market place.

However, you shouldn’t be afraid to change your Estate Agent, as much as you shouldn’t be afraid to move energy supplier, or bank. Sometimes, things just do not work out. Or, the service you were promised hasn’t been delivered.

Why do sellers change Estate Agent?

You never plan to change your agent. Particularly if they have showed great understanding of the market, evidenced ability to sell a home and offered a suitable marketing strategy to get your home seen above others. Often it just doesn’t work out. Also, it can be the case that the agents initial advice, particularly on value, was ignored. In this case you can’t blame an Estate Agent for not finding the buyers!

But, there are a lot of instances where poor advice or ulterior motives can be at play which can seriously effect your chances of a successful sale.

How do I know it’s time for a change?

Multiple factors can result in a seller changing Estate Agents in Daventry. Below is a selection of issues that can arise and mean you will need to change your Estate Agent to be able to achieve a sale.

Time on Market

A properties worst enemy! Time on market is the most common reason for a property going unnoticed by buyers or in the worst case, losing value. Whilst it has never been normal for homes to sell over night, being on the market without interest for a number of months isn’t the best. In any market place.

What effects time on market? Incorrect Price, poor presentation, poor marketing (photos, video etc) and an unmotivated (or overrun) Estate Agent.

No Viewings

It can be very disheartening. We hope and expect buyers to rush through the door as soon as the property is live on the market! It can often take time to bed in. However, if there are not any viewings or enquires, you need to know why. You Estate Agent should be talking to you. They should be monitoring the activity across all platforms so they can tell you what is or isn’t happening. It isn’t necessarily the agents fault, but they are employed to ensure you are informed so both you and the agent can work together to establish what is needed to make things right.


Price is the most important factor when going to market – click here to see why. Not the be all, but clearly the defining area that will result on a sale being agreed. We all want, or believe that our own property is worth more. it is a natural human characteristic. Two things effect pricing. An owners opinion, and that of the Estate Agent. The latter can be lead by different things – a pressure to get a listing, a need to get one over on the competition, or a lack of understanding of the market you are selling in or where your home would sit in it.

Valuations by an Estate Agent, as are valuations by a surveyor must the backed by evidence and sensible reason along with a knowledge of the market and conditions at the time. If an Estate Agent simply promises you a price, they are fibbing. The value of anything cannot be established until someone is willing to buy it! Click here for the low down on how we value.

As someone selling their home in Daventry, you need to know what the value areas are and the permutations leading to what value your home will be. Therefore, your Estate Agent needs to be aware of the current climate, financial and political movements, buyer habits, tendencies and ongoing worldly factors that mould buyers actions.

Poor Marketing

One thing that should lead you to change Estate Agents in Daventry is the standard of the Photography. Is your home being placed in the largest window of potential buyers (e.g the internet) looking at its best? Are the pictures crisp, level, bright and actually show the whole room.

One thing that is such a huge annoyance for me as an Estate Agent in Daventry is the quality of agents photography. Not all, but quite a few seem to to think is is perfectly acceptable for wonky pictures. They also seem to take pictures of corners of rooms!

Blurry images can have a detrimental effect on value. The images of your home are the gateway into it for any buyer. They are the first thing any buyer will engage with! If an agent is sloppy in this area, what other areas are they not putting effort into?

And if you haven’t got one, you need both a floorplan and a live video tour. The human mind is thousands of times more receptive to moving images than static….

An Unmotivated Agent

If you and your Home are struggling to sell, it could be the Estate Agent you have employed. Some agents are paid regardless of success (typically online offerings) so motivation may be lacking. You should really use an Estate Agent who only gets paid on completion of contracts (when you move!). Also, if an agent is employed/salaried, listing lots and lots of homes or from a large office where the same valuer does not manage the sale of your house or even do viewings for you, focus can be lost.

It is quite common in a larger office for focus to shift to the newest clients. The homes that have been on the market for a while and not getting interest can be put behind those that are new or are getting the buyers. Only when they are selling no homes, might you get some attention – to drop the price.

Lastly, communication is key. They need to be talking to you even if nothing is happening! Some Estate Agents just move onto the next client, having had you sign a long term sole agency agreement and knowing there really isn’t much you can do to change your mind about things…

….or is there??

What benefit will I receive if I change my Estate Agent to Skilton & Hogg in Daventry?

You will have the opportunity to to list your home on the market as a brand new home for sale. Meaning it will show on the websites as a new listing. Remember, on all websites, they show how long you have been on the market.

It isn’t all about price, but there is an opportunity to look at the value and have a professional opinion, backed by 20 years of selling experience, on where the figures should be.

Meaningful marketing. Photography of your home that has had more than a little thought in it. Pictures taken with high grade cameras with matching lenses levelled with a tripod, not mobile phones. Live walkthrough video rather than a montage of pictures set to really annoying music!

A motivated, personal one to one Estate Agency service. I (David) work for you from start to finish. We do not have 50 or 60 homes for sale, this is intentional. we want to be able to give you the best attention and support throughout the whole process. That means you, and your eventual buyer will always be dealing with the same person. So nothing gets lost in translation and your house sale runs much more smoothly.

Also, I do not get paid anything unless a house sells and completes. So we can assure you that our motivation to achieve the best value as possible for you, from the best buyer is always at the forefront of our mission.

How do I change my Estate Agent in Daventry?

Firstly, call ourselves on the details below to arrange a free no obligation meeting to discuss your needs. I will go through the whole process with you.

In simple terms, you need to be at the end of, or nearing the end of your sole agency agreement with your current Estate Agent. You will likely need to give 14 days notice. Always take your home off the market immediately though (no agent can force you to keep your home on the market) so it rests from the public eye.

Instruct Skilton & Hogg Estate Agents in Daventry to market your home. We will launch it as a new home to the market after any prior agency agreement has ended.

So, still asking – Should I change Estate Agents in Daventry? Yes, you should. It isn’t very difficult and could the be new start you need. Call David at Skilton and Hogg Estate Agents on 01327 624275 or email or click this link!

Author – David Bruckert, Owner Skilton & Hogg Estate Agents

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