Why Listing Your Property in February will Help You Sell

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February is often associated with love, thanks to Valentine’s Day. But did you know it’s also the perfect month to show some love to your home selling efforts? Yes, you heard it right! February has been revealed by Rightmove.co.uk as the best month to list a property in the UK. Homes listed in February are more likely to find a buyer quicker and be marked ‘sold subject to contract’ sooner than properties listed in other months. Let’s find out Why Listing Your Property in February will Help You Sell!

Why February is the Magic Month

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You’re probably wondering why listing your property in February is special for selling houses, right? Well, there are quite a few reasons that make it a brilliant month for homeowners like you to put up a ‘For Sale’ sign. Once the busy Christmas time is over and all the decorations are packed away, people start thinking about changes. And one of those changes might be moving into a new home!

As the New Year excitement starts to calm down, many people are looking for a fresh start. A new home could be just the thing they’re after. And guess what? February’s property market is usually less crowded. That means your house won’t have as many other houses to compete with. Imagine being the tastiest cake in a bakery with only a few other cakes. More people are likely to pick your cake, right? The same goes for your house in February!

So, in simple terms, February can be like a magic wand for selling your house. It’s the perfect month for your home to shine and get noticed by potential buyers!

Rightmove Report

The data reveals that March is also historically a strong month for sellers to get their home on the market, benefitting those planning to come to market at the beginning of spring.

In the year so far, the number of buyers contacting agents about homes for sale is 8% higher than last year, while the number of new properties being listed by sellers is 11% higher as activity picks up.

On average, homes listed in February have taken 51 days to find a buyer – just ahead of March’s 52 days, and level with January.

In addition, an average of 66.4% of homes listed in February have gone on to find a buyer – the best chance of finding a buyer alongside April – just pipping second placed March’s 66.3%.

Rightmove’s Tim Bannister said: “The best time to get moving is the time that’s right for you – we can’t always plan or predict when a life move is needed. However, for those who are able to be a bit more flexible about when they decide to sell, the data shows typically the start of the year has been particularly strong.

“It’s also when we’ve historically seen the most buyers sending enquiries to agents, so it’s a great time for those looking to sell to make sure they are listed, their marketing is strong and they’re pricing attractively enough against other sellers.”

When is the best time to sell a house? | Rightmove Guides

The Power of ‘Sold Subject to Contract’

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Ever heard of the phrase ‘sold subject to contract’? It might sound a bit tricky, but it’s actually pretty simple. Think of it like this: a person comes along and says, “I really like your house, I want to buy it!” You’re happy with their offer, so you say, “Deal!” But, it’s not like buying sweets from a shop – you can’t just hand over the house keys then and there.

There’s lots of paperwork and legal stuff to do before everything is official. That’s where ‘sold subject to contract’ comes in. It’s kind of a halfway point between saying “deal” and actually selling the house. It means both you and the buyer are serious about the sale, but it’s not final just yet.

And here’s the exciting part! Houses listed in February are more likely to get to this halfway point faster than houses listed in other months. So, if you’re hoping to sell your house quickly, listing in February could be your best bet!

Making Your Property Stand Out in February

So, you’re ready to put your house on the market in February, that’s brilliant! But, how can you make sure that your house is the one that everyone wants? Here’s how you can make your house the star of the show!

First things first, give your house a good old clean! No one wants to walk into a dirty house, it’s like going to a party and finding out there’s no cake. So, grab your duster, vacuum, and cleaning spray and make your home sparkle! Don’t forget the windows, people always like to look out of windows!

Next, you’ll want to make your house feel like a home. This means making it cosy and inviting. You could put some colourful cushions on the sofa, or light a scented candle. Imagine you’re having your best friends round for a sleepover, you’d want everything to look nice and cosy, right? Do the same for your house!

Then, think about the outside of your house. This is the first thing people will see, so you’ll want it to look tip-top. Cut the grass, sweep the driveway and maybe even plant some pretty flowers. It’s like dressing up for a school disco, you want to look your best!

Finally, remember to show off all the great things about your house. If you have a big garden, make sure people know about it. If your kitchen is newly decorated, show it off! You’re proud of your artwork at school, so be proud of your house too!

So, there you have it! These tips will help your house shine brighter than a diamond in February. Good luck!

The Benefits of a Quicker Sale

You might be wondering why selling your house quickly is such a big deal, right? Let’s imagine you’re playing a game of ‘Pass the Parcel’. The music stops and you’re holding the parcel, you win a prize. Now, think of selling your house as a big game of ‘Pass the Parcel’, but instead of a prize, you get money for your house when the music stops. The faster the ‘parcel’ (your house) gets passed on (sold), the better!

Quicker sales are like the golden tickets of the property world. They usually mean more money for you, because buyers are often ready to pay a bit extra to make sure they get the house. It’s like bidding in an auction for a super rare, shiny Pokémon card, the quicker you say ‘sold!’, the higher the price might go!

Also, quicker sales lower the chance of something going wrong, like the buyer changing their mind or finding another house they like more. Imagine you’re in a race and you’re in the lead. The quicker you cross the finish line, the less chance there is of someone overtaking you. That’s how quicker sales work!

So, the quicker your house is sold, the smoother the ride will be. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like a smooth ride? This is Why Listing Your Property in February will Help You Sell.

Choose the right Estate Agent for you

Choosing the right estate agent is like picking the best player for your team in a school sports day – it can make all the difference! You want someone who will take care of your valuable asset, your house, and help you pass the ‘parcel’ quicker.

Imagine having a friend who’s always there for you, even when you’re nervous about the big race. That’s exactly what a dedicated estate agent like Skilton & Hogg can do for you. They’ve got loads of experience in selling houses in towns like Rugby and Daventry, so they know what they’re talking about!

They’ll give you lots of advice, support, and personal service. It’s like having a super-knowledgeable buddy by your side who knows all the rules of the game! Be careful, though. Some online ‘free’ agents might sound like a good deal, but they might not give you the help you need. It’s like choosing the fastest runner for your team, but they don’t know the rules of the game.

So, always choose an agent that will stick with you from start to finish, like Skilton & Hogg. You’ll be crossing the finish line before you know it!

Why Listing Your Property in February will Help You Sell

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